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Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1) My name's Peter and this is Sylvia. ________ doctors from France.
2) What is __________?
3) I go to work__________train.
4) __________they live in London?
5) What time ____________ work?
6) Brad Pitt is a popular actor but I don't like ______.
7) He __________ tennis with me yesterday.
8) Where ___________ last summer?
9) Excuse me, __________ is the t-shirt? -It's £25.99.
10) I ______________ my computer very often.
11) He _______ to go home.
12) There are _________ French speakers in Montreal.
13) I plan to _________ two weeks by the beach.
14) My coffee was _____________ yours. I almost burned my mouth.
15) I ___________ sushi.
16) You ____________ wear a suit to work, but you can if you want.
17) I had to __________ a uniform to school when I was younger.
18) I mostly ___________ my friends via email.
19) She’s very successful. Her ________ has risen a lot in the past few years.
20) Stress is not an illness, but it can ________ to many illnesses.
21) She keeps _________ her things all around the place which is so annoying.
22) My new PC, _______ I bought last week, has already broken down.
23) You'd better take your coat ________ the weather gets worse.
24) You won't pass the exam ________ you start revising immediately.
25) We wouldn't have missed the bus if you ____________ to chat with Mary!
26) Admission was free so we ______________ any tickets.
27) I’m not sure if you're aware ____ the risk.
28) ___________ the weather was horrible, we decided to go out for a short walk.
29) I’ll need to have the stairs _________.
30) We weren’t sure…………………… or just walk in.
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